Upgrades Will Enhance Customer Experience and Offset Energy Consumption

(Oct. 2, 2015 – Montrose, CO) Cactus Car Wash, which has an enviable location within the City Market South campus and adjacent to one of the busiest gas station islands in the state, has become further differentiated with its competitors thanks to the installation of state-of-the-art technologies.  Cactus Car Wash added 56 photovoltaic solar cells on it’s roof to take advantage of sunny days that will provide a nearly 100% energy offset, upgraded its illumination with 100% LED lighting, installed one 96% efficient boiler to replace two old 60% efficient boilers and has replaced an old touch free automatic wash system with the new touch free PDQ LaserWash® 360 In-Bay Automatic Vehicle Wash System.

The touch free LaserWash system is truly state of the art, and gives customers a safe, high quality and an easy to use wash experience.  There are many benefits to this automatic wash system: touch free means it eliminates the possibility of scratching and damaging paint and exterior trim.  Also, with two soap passes, high PH and low PH, it can attack different types of dirt including bugs and mag chloride (the highly corrosive ingredient used for road deicing and mixed with the gravel on roads.)

Local business stalwarts Bruce and Terri Leben bought Cactus Car Wash in March 2014, and it is managed by their 27 year-old son Samuel Leben, who is there to help and answer questions as well as keep things squeaky clean.

“We learned very quickly that people who use car washes require convenience, speed and quality.  To be successful we had to make the right investments to ensure the customer experience was the best it could be,” said Samuel Leben, general manager of Cactus Car Wash.

Cactus Car Wash has two self-serve bays and one automatic bay with the touch free PDQ LaserWash 360 Wash System which can accommodate higher and wider vehicles than most automatics.  In the back there are two vacuums and a vending supplies.  Cactus Car Wash bays are higher than average wash bays and can accommodate dually pickups, lifted trucks, vehicles with rooftop carriers attached, vehicles with towed toys (boats, ATVs, snow machines, Jeeps etc.)

The initial investment in the car wash, including high-tech and low-tech upgrades are substantial, however the Leben’s have estimated their return on investment will be worthwhile.

“Owning and running a car wash is not for the faint of heart.  It requires constant maintenance to keep all systems running smoothly, which is right in our family’s wheelhouse,” said Bruce Leben, owner of Cactus Car Wash.

The car wash industry (in-bay automatic, self serve and tunnel) is the ultimate small business and a growing industry, with more than 100,000 car wash facilities in the United States, and approximately 90% owned by a small business.   The industry is steadily growing, over the last 15 years, 69% people are washing their cars at facilities rather than washing it at home.